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How To make a Pyramid with the
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Anyone who can read a rule and cut pieces of material can build a pyramid from the pyramid free pyramid plan.

No calculations are required as to correct angles are automatically built in for you.

But there are two basic decisions that must be made before anything else can be done: 
1. location, and 2. size.

It is recommended that you start with a small size unit for indoor use, and then work up to a larger size learning from previous experience.

Location is of primary importance. The area should be level and as far away from electrical disturbances as possible. Prime offenders are: television sets, radios, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, non comliant LED lights and all types of transformers.

Your next is to establish the orientation or the pyramid you intend to build for the step a compass is essential.

After you have established a line to magnetic north, your next step will be to find a deviation of true North from magnetic north.

This link will tell you the deviation from true North from magnetic north for your location in the USA.

Now, using your compass, stand at the southernmost point on your magnetic north line and turn your compass in and eat easterly or westerly direction for the appropriate number of degrees of deviation.

Establish a line to that heading which will be true North, one side of your pyramid us be aligned to that line.

Materials required to construct a scale Pyramid:

A wide range of materials can be used in the construction of a pyramid cardboard, wood, plastics, glass, fibreglass, canvas, or anything non-metallic.

The metallic exception is aluminium.

The Slope Angle of the Pyramid model:
The slope Angle is highly critical to the effectiveness of the pyramid. It is 51° 51 seconds and is the angle between the Central line of any face of a pyramid and the same centre line of the floor.

Location of the Pyramid model:
While the electrical forces appear to be present in all sections of the pyramid, the greatest area of energy strength is in the Kings chamber, below the apex, one third up from the base.

Refer to the plans for a view of one section of pyramid laid out exactly to scale of the Cheops pyramid.

If you desire to make a larger unit, this drawing may be cut out and used to trace shape. Remember that regardless of size the same shape will remain as a constant from the apex.

The only thing that changes to make the pyramid larger or smaller is the length of the slope lines the table in the plans may make this an easy choice.

Having cut the four sides, you may want to cut a small doorway in one and let it serve as a ventilator and to observe the progress of what you have inside.

And, if additional ventilation is desired hole or two but can be cut near the top these openings may be partially or fully covered by a material such as transparent plastic.

This method for assembling the four sides of the pyramid depends on what material is used. Any non-metallic material is acceptable.

Aluminium is a metallic exception, provided it has been energised.

Pyramids for meditation:

The pyramid seems to enhance meditation for many people. It has been found that the best location in the pyramid for meditation is at a location of the Kings chamber, below the apex. The meditator may assume either a line down or sitting position. In either case the body should be aligned to the true North line.

How to make Energised Water with a Scale Pyramid:

The energy found in the pyramid can be transferred simply by storing it in water placed in the Kings chamber.

It is important to remember that your pyramid should be of sufficient size so that what is put inside it does not exceed about 5% of the total volume of the pyramid.

There are many uses energised water where it excels over plain tap water.

When pyramid water is used on house plants the growth rate is substantially increased and the colour and aroma greatly intensified.

Women have found that using energised water as a face wash has a beneficial effect on the complexion, and as a hairiness, it brings out the highlights.

Pyramid water for drinking:

It has been found that drinking water that has been energised inside the pyramid has a beneficial effect on health generally.

With greater alertness and ability to concentrate and remember things.
When pyramid water is used for making tea, coffee and all sorts of beverages the taste and aroma are greatly improved.

How to Energise Aluminium in a Pyramid model:

Another strange phenomenon of the pyramid mystery is that aluminium has the property of being able to store pyramid energy and then release it when it has become saturated.

The aluminium to be energised can be he's in the form of bars solid sheets, or flexible foil. Regardless of which is used, however, it should be aligned to the true north-south line.

User foil, cutting circles, and a pot of plans to speed up growth and produce a healthy planet. Wrap foil around the blast the cuttings have been started it, wrap foil around meat to be roasted.

Cooking time will be cut dramatically.
Before brewing wrap coffee or tea in energised foil for about 10 min. You will be surprised how much better it will taste.

Some people claim that wrapping energised foil around areas of pain such as arthritic joints, brings relief. Others have claimed that they get pain relief from headaches by wearing a cap lined with aluminium foil energised in a pyramid.

Pyramid Power for Dehydration:

You can use free energy it is an easy, economical way of dehydrating fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry without artificial additives.

If the following simple directions for dehydrating in a pyramid are carefully followed, the food should be nutritious, economical, free of unwanted bacteria, and the flavours considerably enhanced.

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History of building scale Pyramids

Recent scientific interest in the power of pyramid began when a Frenchman, M. Bovis, entered Cheops pyramid some years ago and found dead animals in the Kings chamber which had not decayed that had instead dehydrated and mummified.

Believing that the shape of the pyramid might have significance he build small-scale models from a pyramid plan and placed a dead cat in it about one third the distance from the base to the apex, at the Kings chamber level.
The cat became mummified.

Explorations over thousands of years have established that there are a number of rooms within the great Pyramid, but the electrical force seems greatest at the Kings chamber.

This room is below the apex, roughly one third the distance up from the base to the apex. It is a bare room 9 m (30 feet) long, 5 m (17 feet) wide by 6 m (19 feet) high containing only a lidless sarcophagus (a rectangular stone coffin).

Cheops pyramid is the seventh wonder of the ancient world, and the tallest of many Pyramids. Located about 16: it is west of Cairo, it contains over 2 1/2 million blocks of limestone and granite. After thousands of years, the segment still fit together so perfectly that it is difficult to see the lines of demarcation.

This suggests that the ancient Egyptians, or some other culture, had knowledge that we still don't possess.
dimensions to build a pyramid

    Dimensions For Pyramid Building


Use the Dimensions Shown to Build

Your Own Pyramid to the  Size You Need











How to build a Pyramid

Pyramids properly constructed and positioned are a source of unlimited energy which can be put to use in many different ways, from dehydrating food to meditating.

Science has recognised that an unknown electrical energy exists inside a pyramid, but the forces have not yet been identified.

However we know that this free energy can dehydrate food, make yogourt, preserve cut flowers and herbs, reduce plant growing time, keep razor blade sharp, help house plans grow faster and stronger, chemically change water, energised aluminium, and make meditation easier and more effective.

The amazing power of the pyramids have been tested and proved under laboratory conditions, using an exact scale model of the Cheops pyramid.

The base of the Cheops pyramid covers about 13 acres.

Its height from base to apex is 150 m (482 feet). This creates slope of 51° 51 seconds on the sides.

This slope is critical, as will be explained later.

It's orientation is to True North, a deviation from magnetic north.

Pyramid Energy Experiments with a scale Pyramid

One way by which we can establish that an electrical force exists within the pyramid is by an experiment using a small pyramid.

This must, of course, be an exact scale model of the Cheops, aligned to true North and away from electrical disturbances.

If a steel needle attached to a thread is held over the apex, it will slowly start to swing around the apex in a circular motion, which will then turn to an oval path, and finally swing back and forth as a pendulum over the true north-south line.

The distance on the swing varies greatly depending upon the person holding the thread. If the needle swing's on a 1 inch are for the person holding the thread, and another person, for whom the needle full swing over 3 inch Park, puts a hand on the person holding the thread the needle will increase its wing.

The only conclusion we come to is that there must be some connection between the electrical system of a person's body and that helps the force within the pyramid.

Kirlian photography is a relatively new science that was developed in Russia. It has the capability of recording on film what can't be seen by the human eye.

Kirlian photography has now given us tools to establish conclusively that pyramid energy is not restricted to the confines of the inside of the pyramid alone, but in effect radiates from it as well.

Perhaps this is the reason that is not considered safe to operate aircraft in the vicinity of the Pyramids, because numerous instruments malfunctions have been reported by pilots.

What can Pyramid Energy do?

The energy within a pyramid can do many things, some of which are:

1. Meditation is far easier inside a pyramid for many people. The benefits are better physical and mental health and improve material well-being.

2. Dehydration of vegetables and fruits such as asparagus, beats, carrots, onions and onion greens, corn, peas, peppers, beans, mushrooms, apples, pears, and peaches.

3. Dehydration of meat such as beef, venison, and fish.

4. Transferring pyramid energy to water for medicinal and cosmetic uses.

5. Transferring pyramid energy to aluminium front dozen household purposes.

6. Making yoghurt in the pyramid.

7. Germinating seedlings and growing plants in the pyramid.

9. Sharpening razorblades in the pyramid for dozens of extra shapes. (Always a line the razor blade with the north-south axis of the pyramid).
Click on Picture to see the  full size image of Pyramid Geometry.