Pyramid Plan

How To Build a Pyramid with the PDF Pyramid Plans

Anyone who can read a rule and cut pieces of material can build a pyramid from the pyramid free pyramid plan.

No calculations are required as to correct angles are automatically built in for you.

But there are two basic decisions that must be made before anything else can be done: 
1. location, and 2. size.

It is recommended that you start with a small size unit for indoor use, and then work up to a larger size learning from previous experience.

Location is of primary importance. The area should be level and as far away from electrical disturbances as possible. Prime offenders are: television sets, radios, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, non comliant LED lights and all types of transformers.

Your next is to establish the orientation or the pyramid you intend to build for the step a compass is essential.

After you have established a line to magnetic north, your next step will be to find a deviation of true North from magnetic north.

This link will tell you the deviation from true North from magnetic north for your location in the USA.

Now, using your compass, stand at the southernmost point on your magnetic north line and turn your compass in and eat easterly or westerly direction for the appropriate number of degrees of deviation.

Establish a line to that heading which will be true North, one side of your pyramid us be aligned to that line.

Pyramid Plan PDF
Pyramid Builder Plans
plans to build a pyramid full size pictures
the great pyramid center is at the centre of the earths mass
pyramid scematic plan pdf file
dimensions to build a pyramid


Dimensions For Pyramid Building

Use the Dimensions Shown to Build Your Own Pyramid to the  Size You Need

1/2 Base Base Height Face Slope Lenght Ridge Slope Length
220 440 280 356 418
1 2 1.3 1.6 1.9
1.5 3 1.9 2.4 2.9
2 4 2.5 3.2 3.8
2.5 5 3.2 4 4.8
3 6 3.8 4.9 5.7
3.5 7 4.5 5.7 6.7
4 8 5.1 6.5 7.6
4.5 9 5.7 7.3 8.6
5 10 6.4 8.1 9.5
5.5 11 7 8.9 10.5
6 12 7.6 9.7 11.4
6.5 13 8.3 10.5 12.4
7 14 8.9 11.3 13.3
7.5 15 9.5 12.1 14.3